A transparent understanding

There is great joy for me when it becomes so clear how my work in Society of Souls deepens relationship. I was going to say my relationship to life and then realized the belief I feel true is; relationship is life. And though I may have heard, read, understood, could talk about it, it was really never one of those " I really get it" things until now.

Anyway, it is so important to me to see how my longing, interest and investment in spiritual matters actually matters in the world of matter (say that 3 times fast) and is not simply a disheartened distraction. I feel fortunate to have noticed it's practicality a few days after attending the Society of Souls All School Meeting. The theme was compassion. I thoroughly enjoyed the ASM and also felt that I may have not taken in as much as I would like.

The details of my personal epiphany that followed really do not matter. Suffice it to say I was able to hear suffering that I have avoided hearing for over 60 years. I surprised myself with the depth of suffering I witnessed in another without resistance or obstacle in an arena that had held for me many a blind spot for so, so long.

From seed to fruit I saw that the ASM's exploration regarding the nature of compassion clearly helped me to make sense of and likely prepare me for what I can only call moments of exquisite transparent understanding. Such moments do, I believe, make for the healing of the world. My work with ASOS is clearly a blessing that bears gratitude. So here is a public thank you.