Jumping In

This is such a beautiful site. The colors, font, positioning. It is truely a work of art. Thank you Jason and all who have made this site possible. It seems more correct to call this a space in cyberspace...maybe even call it a safe vacated space that invites sublime creation.

Hey Ma, I finally made it into Deep Space .....and I'm not alone.

Beautiful Inspiration

Thank you, Jason, for allowing me to see your smiling face in your video lesson. Your insight about allowing your spiritual breakthrough to be the light that shines on, and therefore actually exposes, the dark parts of our psyche, seems to be right on target for me. I find lately that the more centered, present and still that I am, the more clearly I see/feel where I am blocked or in pain. But it is from that centered and still place that I feel the most compassion for my wounds. Also love the lecture on how 'limitations are a series of hidden assumptions.' I am currently becoming very clear that how I operate in this world and how I view the world is not merely "how I am" or "how the world is" but how I have learned to be and learned to view the world. It is a bittersweet moment when I see all that I have believed is not possible is and always was available to me.

The Aliveness of this Site

As anyone who knows me will tell you - I am not a social networker....

While Enlightenment Online was coming into being, my personal impression was that it would be like having a "private" virtual class room. It was all about the video lessons, the music, the gems and amulets, podcasts.... it had nothing to do with being a part of something larger...

But there's an aliveness to this site - especially with the latest features (like this blog) and our wonderful beta testers - I feel (not just think) that this is going to become a really important place for people to connect - and be - a community.

Thanks JS - for everything it took to make this happen, et al.

WinstonSmith, a.k.a.