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A transparent understanding

There is great joy for me when it becomes so clear how my work in Society of Souls deepens relationship. I was going to say my relationship to life and then realized the belief I feel true is; relationship is life. And though I may have heard, read, understood, could talk about it, it was really never one of those " I really get it" things until now.

Anyway, it is so important to me to see how my longing, interest and investment in spiritual matters actually matters in the world of matter (say that 3 times fast) and is not simply a disheartened distraction. I feel fortunate to have noticed it's practicality a few days after attending the Society of Souls All School Meeting. The theme was compassion. I thoroughly enjoyed the ASM and also felt that I may have not taken in as much as I would like.

Practice and a Zeus Like Moment

While doing practice at my recent class at ASOS, a poem came to me unbidden and "full blown" that I would like to share.


I heard my thoughts
full with a thud,
edifices of architectural grandeur.
A thoughtless wind
moved them like smoke
or maybe just like mirrors.

Morning Report

When I wake up, often my head is full of so many ideas. If there is time and I am lucky enough roll over and share it with my partner, we call it my Morning Report. Here's a poem that came this morning.

Caution: Wisdom Playing

Is Everything Everything?
Everything Is Everything.
Everything Everything Is.

Rock and Roll

I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today. It was really a very sacred experience for me. Aside for the fact, that as River, my partner says, it's like hearing the soundtrack of your own life, it was about life writ large. The every day struggle, the loss, the need to create, the bull and whether you wanted to or not, if you ever stood on a supermarket line, you knew the sordid details of so many of these musicians lives. And in spite of and because of all that there came to be THE MUSIC...the holy third thing. Another dimension, born of and encompassing but still another dimension. It calls to a place in me where life is really lived. I guess that place is likely ultimately soundless but man, it clearly is sown together in glory.
What a day.

Jumping In

This is such a beautiful site. The colors, font, positioning. It is truely a work of art. Thank you Jason and all who have made this site possible. It seems more correct to call this a space in cyberspace...maybe even call it a safe vacated space that invites sublime creation.

Hey Ma, I finally made it into Deep Space .....and I'm not alone.